Reading the Bible Lands, Vol. 1: Genesis–Exodus; Psalms 1–22

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by Wayne Stiles

Each volume in this Bible Reading plan includes five days of readings each week—with photos from the Bible Lands, as well as devotionals and probing questions by Dr. Wayne Stiles to help you connect the Bible and its lands to your life. QR codes take you to optional videos of the Bible Lands to greatly enhance your experience of reading God’s Word.

This volume covers selected passages from Genesis–Exodus; Psalms 1–22.

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Read the Bible Like Never Before

Embark on a transformative journey through the ancient landscapes of Scripture. This unique Bible reading plan immerses you in five days of readings each week, meticulously curated to enrich your spiritual walk.

Visual and Spiritual Enrichment

Each volume is a visual and devotional journey, featuring stunning photographs from the Bible Lands that bring the ancient stories to life. Alongside these vivid images, Dr. Wayne Stiles provides insightful devotionals and thought-provoking questions designed to deepen your connection with the Scriptures and their historical context.

Interactive Learning Experience

Enhance your reading experience with QR codes embedded in the text, leading you to optional videos that offer a dynamic exploration of the Bible Lands. These videos provide a rich, multimedia experience that complements your readings, making the ancient world of the Bible more accessible and engaging.

Why Choose This Bible Reading Plan?

  • Engaging Visuals: Beautiful photos from the Bible Lands help you visualize and connect with the biblical narratives.
  • Insightful Devotionals: Dr. Wayne Stiles offers profound reflections and questions to guide your meditation and application of God’s Word.
  • Interactive Features: QR codes lead you to additional video content, providing a multi-dimensional learning experience.
  • Structured Readings: With five days of readings each week, this plan is perfectly paced to fit into your weekly routine.

Transform Your Bible Study

Let these devotionals be your guide to experiencing the Bible in a way that is both visually captivating and spiritually enriching. Dive deep into the stories of Genesis to Exodus and the soulful hymns of Psalms 1–22, and let the ancient lands of the Bible come alive in your personal study.

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